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If you have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact the building administrator or your child's teacher. We always want to hear from you!

Building Phone Number: 518-758-7575
Fax Number: 518-758-1405
Address: Ichabod Crane Middle School,
2910 Route 9, Valatie, NY 12184
Mailing Address: PO Box 820, Valatie, NY 12184


To contact the Middle School administration or faculty, the building number is 518-758-7575, Ext. 5001. Please ask the school secretary to connect you with the voicemail of the teacher you wish to contact. Leave a detailed message so the teacher can have the information you need when he or she calls you back.

If you would like to meet directly with the administrator or teacher, please call to schedule an appointment.


All faculty members are provided e-mail accounts, so ask your child's teachers if this is a good way to stay in touch. If so, select the name from the list below for the link to the e-mail address for Ichabod Crane Middle School administration or faculty.

Timothy Farley, Principal
Marcella Sanchez, Assistant Principal
Jacqueline Cole, Secretary
Katherine Gulisane, Secretary, Ext. 5002
Lisa Schmitt, Greeter/Attendance, Ext. 5001
Grade 4
Carrie Dugan (TA)
Teresa Kirker
Susan Mallery
Emily Marcella (SPED)
Lauren Miller
Judith Ooms (SPED)
Kim Palmer
Jennifer Rickert
Maria Walsh
Grade 5
Stephanie Bell
Kathleen Bolstad
Michele Carey
Donald Dingee
Christine Hamm (SPED)
Susan Jermain
Kelly Nicoletta (TA)
Eugene Ringwood (TA)
Christopher Soulia
Linda Wheeler (SPED)
Grade 6
Victoria Dick (TA)
Tracey Gold (Team Leader)
Lori Jeanne Kruger (SPED)
Tami Labatt (TA)
Elisa McNeil
Mary Middleton (SPED)
Elisabeth Milot
Melanie Moon
Victoria Persico (TA)
Dara Rexhouse (TA)
Debra Rivero
Leigh Ann Schermerhorn (TA)
Patricia Tollerton
Grade 7
Gail Colton (TA)
Anne Flemming, English Language Arts
Jennifer Gecewicz, Science
Katherine Johnson (TA)
Mary Liles, Math
Lara Marotta, Social Studies
Julianne Montross, (Team Leader) (SPED)
Grade 7/8 Split
Victoria Frisbee, Math
Robert Hanna, Social Studies
Anne Krizar (TA)
Terry Petroccione, Science (Team Leader)
Catrina Scully, English Language Arts
Mary Beth Watrous (SPED)
Grade 8
Karen Brink, Social Studies
Erin Bulan, English Language Arts
Shari Dowling, Science
Kim Funk, Math
Janet Haywood (TA)
Jeffrey Montague, Math
Marianne Noll (Team Leader) (SPED)
6th, 7th and 8th Grade SPED
Danielle Gorman
Tammara Rouse
Jessica Mascolo (Borrell)
English Language Development
David Manarel, Co-Dept. Chair
Katherine Snyder, Co-Dept. Chair
Family and Consumer Science
Maureen Kuhn
Susan Hallenbeck, French/Spanish
Julia Johnson, Spanish
Kara O'Hare, Spanish
Scott Payne
Counseling Department
Dale Tuczinski, School Counselor
Joan White, School Counselor & Dept. Chair
Sarah Cotsonas
Home and Career Skills
Maureen Kuhn
Library Media Services
Elizabeth Kelly
Michele Robillard (TA)
David Bulan
Karolyn Eberhardt
Amy Giammattei
Rukan Khondker
Robert Richburg
Sara Walsh
Physical Education
Gosia Geiger
Jason Jause
Adam Vooris
Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
Selena Cook
Jennifer Cramer
Lauren Infantino
Patricia Rathke
Kathryn Walter
MS Technology
Steve Leader, Department Chair
School Psychologist
Laura Sarno
Erin Tyrol
Speech-Language Services
Ashley Knowles
Kristin Saccento
Information Technology (District)
Jon Street, Director of Information Technology
Dwight Grant, Network Systems Engineer
Len Bates, Technician
Health Services
Sarah Cotsonas

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