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Board Approves Resolutions Related to Standardized Tests & Student Privacy

(Nov. 24, 2013) The Ichabod Crane Central School District Board of Education voted unanimously on November 19 on two resolutions related to the over-reliance on standardized tests and student privacy.

It was the second time the board approved a resolution calling upon education leaders to stop the over-reliance on standardized tests as a measure of student performance and principal/teacher effectiveness. The resolution was first approved by the 2012-13 Board of Education in spring 2013. The current Board of Education wanted to reaffirm the resolution with two new board members in place for 2013-14.

Also at its November 19 meeting, the ICC board also approved a resolution declining participation in Data Dashboard Solution “in order to protect the privacy of our students and families.” The NY State Education Department is requesting districts provide more student information in a data warehouse. The Board discussed Data Dashboard at its November 5 meeting when Superintendent George Zini expressed his concerns about providing student data to a third party provider.

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