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Rider Vision Team Presents Draft Strategic Plan to Board of Education

(Dec. 6, 2013) The Ichabod Crane Central School District Board of Education heard a presentation on the draft Rider Vision Strategic Plan at its December 3, 2013 meeting. The Board welcomes community feedback about the draft plan before it considers adopting the plan at its January 7 meeting. View the Rider Vision Draft Plan (pdf)

Members of the Board of Education along with community members at the meeting were provided with a draft copy of the Rider Vision Plan that was developed from the ideas and work shared during the groups’ previous meetings.

Paul Herrington, Tracy Farrell, Laura Etlinger, and George Zini presented the draft plan. The Rider Vision plan was designed by a broad-based committee of 24 members consisting of parents, community members (retirees, grandparents, business professionals), school staff and Board of Education members to help the district develop a direction for the future and its students. The draft plan includes a new mission statement, vision statement and strategic objectives.

The Rider Vision Planning Team met four times in October and November 2013. During the intensive strategic planning process, led by Questar III Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrew DeFeo, the team identified common beliefs about the district, strengths and weaknesses of the district, and identified the major initiatives that must be achieved if the Ichabod Crane CSD is to continue to provide high-quality opportunities for its students.

The components of the Rider Vision plan were agreed upon by the team through a process of open dialogue, listening to each other, and consensus.

The Rider Vision plan represents the first planning phase. Once the Board of Education approves the final strategic plan, the process will move forward with a Strategic Operating Plan and the formation of action planning teams that focus on each of the major initiatives outlined in the plan.


Community members who would like to provide feedback about the draft plan are asked to email Mindy Potts, District Clerk, by Jan. 2. She will collect feedback and share with the Board prior to the Jan. 7 meeting.

Rider Vision Team

Tamara Armstrong, Deborah Baxter, Patricia Bianchi, Mike Brennan , John Chandler, Beth Cousineau, Laura Etlinger, Tracy Farrell, Tim Farley, Paul Herrington, Susan Jermain, Barbara-anne Johnson-Heimroth, Lisa LaBrie, Eileen McHugh-Szepessy, Richard McLoughlin, Ann Mueller, Judith Ooms, Justin Pangie, Jennifer Rickert, Jennifer Salo-Two-Axe, Tony Spensieri, Scott Swere, David Vona and George Zini.


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