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Board Approves Instructional Technology Plan

District to Begin Work to Secure Smart Schools Funding

(Oct. 7, 2015) The Board of Education approved the district's Instructional Technology Plan at its meeting on October 6. The plan will be submitted to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and work will begin on the Smart Schools Investment Plan, which NYSED requires school districts to submit demonstrating how Smart Schools funding will be used. The allocation of funding for Ichabod Crane Central School District under the Smart Schools Bond Act is $1,309,124.

NYSED also requires districts to solicit stakeholder involvement by posting the preliminary plan on the school district website for written comment and holding a public hearing. Once stakeholders have had input into the preliminary plan, the District will prepare a final plan for Board approval. The final Smart Schools Investment Plan will be posted on the District website and submitted to NYSED for approval. We will be sure to keep the public updated throughout the process.

View the Instructional Technology Plan