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8th Graders Learn About Careers From Professionals in the Field

(Nov. 2, 2016) Eighth grade students learned about a variety of careers over the course of two days during Career Days, an annual event coordinated by FACS teacher Maureen Kuhn.

Ernest Stigi, Architect and Project Manager for SUNY Construction Fund, spoke about the skills he uses to manage large scale design and planning of buildings across NY.

Kristen Lincks explained how her career as an accountant, lead her to become a software engineer for CDPHP.

Michaela Schermerhorn spoke about her career as a professional Chef. She described her internship at Disney World restaurants. She told students how she interviewed a when she was in Mrs. Kuhn's FACS class in 8th grade, who ended up being her boss years later.

Michael Regan, a captain with the New York State Police, spoke to the students about what he does as a NYS Police officer and what training he needed to enter this field. He showed videos and pictures of the tasks he does on a daily basis to keep everyone safe.

Industrial Engineer Thomas Perito spoke about how he controls the electrical power grid from his enormous Control Center to solve problems, so we all can have electricity when we need it.

Ichabod Crane alumni Kristen Spensieri explained how her degrees in NeuroScience and Public Health Administration lead her to become the head of marketing for Invent Health.

Dr. Elizabeth Boham spoke about how she progressed from studying nutrition, getting her Masters in nutrition, becoming a Registered Dietician and finally becoming a family physician.

Dr. Amanda Hansberger, Ichabod Crane graduate, spoke about her career as a Veterinarian. June Murphy, her vet tech, explained the differences in their job descriptions and training.

Matthew Klepeis, Radiological Naval Engineer for Bechtel Marine Propulsion spoke about the careers available at naval bases, ship yards, submarines and a naval vessels around the world.

John Tennier from Wrapper and Binder spoke about a "Day in the Life" of mechanical engineers.