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ICHS Announces December Rider of the Month Students

(Jan. 11, 2017) Every month, Ichabod Crane High School honors students who demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Chris Gibson and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the following as Rider of the Month students for December:

Grade 9

Danielle BradwayDanielle Bradway

Danielle is an extremely hard-working and pleasant student. She takes every opportunity to seek out extra help and advice to improve her writing. She is attentive in class, hands in her assignments on time, and presents her best effort in everything she does.









Joemari EugenioJoemari Eugenio

Everybody knows Joemari! He is among the friendliest freshman at ICHS. Joemari always has a smile on his face and a bright hello for everyone. In addition, he takes his grades seriously, and often can be found after school working with his teachers to improve his grade or get help on difficult topics.







Grade 10

Benjamin Scheriff
Benjamin Scheriff

Ben is a kind and friendly person. He is a positive influence on others and a great student. Ben is always helpful to his teachers and others in class. He politely holds the door open for students when leaving homeroom every day, and has assisted substitutes with attendance. Ben is well-liked by his peers and a great example of an Ichabod Crane Rider!





Shannon Verbraska

Shannon is a polite and friendly student. She goes the extra "mile" when doing her work....instead of waiting until class, if she has a question she comes in before class. She is always willing to help those around her with questions. Shannon is well-rounded, and an excellent student-athlete. Shannon does well in all of her classes while participating in Soccer and Basketball.


Grade 11

Joseph HermannJoseph Herrmann

Joe has shown a lot of growth over the last few years. He is always helpful in homeroom, even pushing in chairs for the other students after they leave. Joe maintains a positive attitude even when he is struggling in class. He demonstrates a desire to learn, and is enthusiastic about math- even when others are not. He works very well with other students in class, and is always focused on getting the work done and enjoying the learning process.







Angelika NelsonAngelika Nelson

Angelika is kind, interested, and hard working. She is enthusiastic about learning, and works diligently on every project she undertakes. Angelika is kind to her classmates, teachers and friends. She cares how others feel and wants to make a difference in our school and community.








Grade 12

Alexis GrahamAlexis Graham

Alexis works hard in class to understand new material and strives for excellence in classwork. She is a very motivated and focused student, and provides an excellent role model for others in class. She is polite, caring, and likes to help others.






Joseph Werner

Joe is extremely helpful in his classes. He is mature, dependable, cooperative, and responsible. A gifted student-athlete, Joseph works hard in class and on the Basketball court. He is a student leader that takes pride in his school and his team. Joseph is a good representative of an Ichabod Crane Rider!