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ICHS Announces January Rider of the Month Students

(March 1, 2017) Every month, Ichabod Crane High School honors students who demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Chris Gibson and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the following as Rider of the Month students for January:


Kailee HollisterKailee Hollister

Kailee is an outstanding student. She is an inquisitive young lady who constantly pushes herself to learn more and achieve greater. She has a quiet, kind demeanor that makes her a pleasure to be around. Kailee’s creativity, intelligence, and compassion make her an exemplary Ichabod Crane student!







Blythe TamezBlythe Tamez

Blythe has a strong work ethic and and is a top achiever in her Global Studies class. She is kind to everyone, friendly, and a proud example of an ICC Rider.









Julianne LaGrassaJulianne LaGrassa

Julianne is a highly dedicated student who performs very well in her classes, while maintaining a challenging schedule. She is actively involved in the Crane Acting Troupe and devotes countless hours to the play, her character, her friends and her academics. While she balances a very busy schedule during and after school, Julianne also maintains a very friendly, helpful, and positive attitude. Julianne is a pleasure to be around each day.






Grace Dragos
Grace Dragos

One of the most cheerful faces at Ichabod Crane, Grace is a kind, caring, and friendly student, friend and classmate. Always with a smile, Grace is hard working in class and as a member of The Crane Acting Troupe. As a member of the Acting Troupe, she dedicates her time and energy to the play and is incredibly supportive of her fellow cast members throughout each rehearsal, and during their down time as well. In school, Grace is supportive of her classmates, her teachers and her peers. She is always smiling and laughing and is a bright spot for our school community each day.






Debra McKinneyDebra McKinney

Deb is an extremely kind-hearted and friendly student at Ichabod Crane HS. As a student, she is cooperative, helpful, works well with peers, and tries her very best in class. She is an active participant in school activities and she cares about her fellow classmates. Deb is consistently a positive presence at our school and is a great example of an Ichabod Crane Rider!








Saege LasherSaege Lasher

Saege is a special individual both at school and in the community. She is a dedicated friend, a hard working student, and someone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Saege has consistently worked hard in classes and is helpful to her teachers. She is always willing to help others in class and lend a helping hand to friends in need.







Jennifer LangleyGrade 12

Jennifer Langley

Jen came to ICC in 2014, and has worked hard to catch up in her classes and even took summer classes at HVCC to stay on track. She is an outstanding student and has taken a challenging schedule across the board. She has plans to hopefully attend RPI in the fall as a Biomedical Engineering major. She is an excellent tennis player for ICC as well. Jen is well liked and respected by students and teachers.






Riley WernerRiley Werner

Riley is an excellent student-athlete with aspirations to graduate early. In class she is cooperative and enthusiastic-engaged in curriculum and helpful to other students. As a member of indoor track, she is a hard worker and has a lot of success individually and as a part of her team.