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Visit to Katchkie Farm Introduces First Graders to Seasonal Cooking and Gardening

Katchkie Farm Katchkie Farm

(Oct. 24, 2016) Over the course of three days In October, all of our first grade students at Ichabod Crane Primary School visited Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook. The students are taking part in the “Fresh Food Comes from the Farm” program.

Through this 4-hour experiential program, children are introduced to seasonal cooking and gardening. They are engaged in every step of the story of food from farm to plate including planting seeds, meeting the farm animals and collecting fresh eggs, working in the garden, harvesting vegetables, and preparing a healthy meal. They were able to taste many new foods gaining an appreciation for fresh vegetables and the experience of trying new things. In all, the field trip was connected to the first grade science topics and standards. The children learned about the the life cycles on the farm including plants and animal.  

The students had fun on their visit to the farm and enjoyed a healthy and delicious lunch. The weather was beautiful and students smiled all day long and enjoyed themselves!

To view photos from the field trips on Facebook, click here. You do not need a Facebook account to view the photo album.