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Ichabod Crane Middle School Announces April Rider of the Month Students


MS April Rider of the Month students

(May 16, 2017) Each month, Ichabod Crane Middle School honors students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by middle school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Chris Gibson and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the Rider of the Month students for April and what teachers had to say about them.

Maddie KellyMadeleine Kelley

Maddie is our ICC Rider of the month and it is a well deserved distinction. A critical thinker, keeping track of her academics is very important to Maddie as she juggles a busy schedule with band and chorus, girl scouts and sports after school. She always greets you with a smile and works hard in and out of school to be a good friend. Keep up the good work Maddie, Congrats!




Ryan McGuirkRyan McGuirk

Ryan is a serious thinker but knows how and when to find the funny side of a situation. He has had an excellent transition to 6th grade and middle school. As a conscientious student, Ryan is always up to date with assignments, on time for class, and prepared with the proper materials. Juggling his baseball schedule and school work shows Ryan's success as an ICC Rider student. Thanks, Ryan!





Gianna SandagatoGianna Sandagato

Gianna is our deserving Rider of the Month. Gianna always puts forth her best effort. She has been a consistent student all year, always engaged, and always prepared. Gianna is also a person of good character, always courteous and polite. Keep up the good work, Gianna!





Elzbieta SwieatonElzbieta Swieton

Elzbieta is our deserving Rider of the Month. Bea is a creative author and deep thinker. Her participation is so valuable in the classroom because she always pushes our thinking outside of the box. Bea is a fun classmate, with an amazing sense of humor, and her contributions are greatly appreciated. Keep on "Bea-ing" you!






Connor WalshConnor Walsh

Connor is an enthusiastic learner who tackles new challenges seriously and with a positive attitude. His commitment toward his academics is evident in his effort as he completes his assignments. Team 7 is impressed by his humility. Connor is respectful and kind to all with whom he interacts. He is consistent in offering his personal best when he is in school, and goes out of his way to help classmates who need help with clarifications. When he is confident in his learning, Connor is more than willing to volunteer to help offer his perspective to classmates who are struggling with the concept.



Simon PapasSimon Papas

Simon possesses many admirable and unwavering qualities that earn him the recognition of Rider of the Month. He demonstrates top-notch responsibility by advocating for himself when directions are not clear, and he always makes sure that the teachers know when he will not be in class. Simon can be counted on to have his work completed to the best of his ability and ready to turn in on the day it’s due. Simon is a kind-hearted young man who will help those around him without being asked. Simon is very personable to both his teachers and his friends: he always has a kind word to say and a smile on his face.




Emma KlepeisEmma Klepeis

Team 7/8 is proud to name Emma as our 8th grade Rider of Month. Emma is very involved in school activities. She was in the school musical, is on student council and is helping to plan the 8th grade moving up dance. She is also active in Girl Scouts. Emma is very kind. She is always looking out for others and can work well with anyone. We enjoy Emma's creative spirit and fearless individuality. Her positive attitude is contageous! We will miss her next year when she moves on to the high school. Congratulations Emma!



Toby GreerToby Greer

Team 7/8 is pleased to name Toby as our 7th grade Rider of the Month. Toby is kind and polite. It would never occur to him to be anything but compassionate and considerate to his classmates. For this reason, his teachers can pair him up with anyone. Toby has shown himself to be a leader among his peers. He is a risk-taker who will raise his hand and try to answer any question even if he isn't sure of the answer. He volunteers even when others won't. Toby's work is always done well and on time. We look forward to seeing what Toby will accomplish in the future! Congratulations!



Edgar GomezEdgar Gomez

Edgar deserves to be Rider of the Month because he always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. He works very well with his classmates every day. Edgar works very hard to do the best he possibly can on any assignment he is given. He also represented Ichabod Crane very well on the J.V. Soccer team this year as the only eighth grader on the team. He is respectful to his teachers and is a pleasure to have in class because of his inquisitive nature and love of learning. We are very proud to name Edgar Rider of the Month of April.



Morgan HickmanMorgan Hickman

Morgan is has made school her top priority all year long. She tries to master every skill and concept her teachers present. If she find any difficulty she seeks extra help and shares her new understanding with her peers to help them. Her work shows the effort she has put into each task. Morgan sets an example to all of a mature student who possesses the character and drive to succeed. We are all very proud of her accomplishments in the eighth grade.