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Mix It UpIchabod Crane Middle School Named a 2017 Mix It Up School

(March 23, 2017) Through the efforts of Ichabod Crane Middle School's Friends of Rachel group, the school has been named a 2017 Mix It Up School by Teaching Tolderance. These schools earned Model School designation for exemplary planning and execution of Mix It Up at Lunch Day and for their efforts to foster respect and understanding throughout the 2016-17 school year.

Friends of Rachel 8th graders Sofia De Luke and Hannah Meredith wrote the following:

Ichabod Crane's Middle School Friends of Rachel group has achieved a very special award. The Friends of Rachel group has recently broken social boundaries by doing the “Mix it Up Day” during their lunch periods. The “Mix it Up Day” is an event where students are randomly seated at different tables to meet new friends. They started up amazing conversations by playing “Would you rather?” at each table. The “Mix it Up Day” made and still continues to make many new friendships come alive each year at several different schools. A lot of children think they can not sit at certain tables, this challenge helps them break out of their shell and meet new friends. This year, Ichabod Crane won a very special award for innovative ways to make new friends. We are honored to be selected out of the 76 other schools that participated in this amazing challenge. We are proud to be a Mix it up model school.