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IC Middle School Students Train to be Peer Mediators

MS Peer Mediators

L to R: Makenzie Elting, Katie Heimroth, Piper DeKraai, Lily Siver, and Julia Rivers.

(Oct. 20, 2016) On Oct. 19, Ichabod Crane Middle School students participated in a training with Gail Colton, teaching assistant, to become Peer Mediators.

New mediators this year are Makenzie Elting, Katie Heimroth, Piper DeKraai, Lily Siver and Julia Rivers.

All of the mediators signed the Peer Mediator contract, a one year commitment for the current school year. Mediation is an opportunity for students to sit face to face and talk without being interrupted, so that both sides of the disputed can be heard. It is a problem-solving approach where an agreement is reached by both students involved in the dispute. Student mediators make sure that the mediation session is helpful and fair. Mediation is voluntary and everything said during a mediation remains confidential.

"These students gained a better understanding of what 'conflict' is, learned about the origins of conflict, gained a better sense of what peace means and how to go about peace making," said Mrs. Colton. "We talked about communication and practiced skills. We learned and practiced the 6 steps in the Mediation Process."

Six steps in the Mediation Process.
1) Agree to Mediate
2) Gather Points of View
3) Focus on Interests
4) Create WIN - WIN Options
5) Evaluate Options
6) Create an Agreement

Mediation Request forms are available in the main office, the bulletin board outside the office, or from our school counselors.

"Mediation can be very helpful and students will learn to solve their own problems in a respectful and responsible way, without an adult doing it for them," said Ms. Gail Colton. "It helps students learn to better communicate their feelings effectively and appropriately, and will make the school experience a more positive place to learn and grow."

These students should be commended for the work they are doing to make a difference in their school community. Great job Peer Mediators!