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Modified Softball Season Wrap Up from Coach Leader

Modified softball team


June 2017 - Congratulations to the girls ICC Modified softball team for having a fantastic season. The girls posted a perfect 10-0 record for the 2017 season.

The team members were, Emma Heartquist, Piper DeKraai, Morgan Ormerod, Torre Tamez, Haley Ames, Sophia Saccento, Clare Knapp and my 3 captains, 8th graders, Brooke Barmen, Alyssa Laurange and Bella Scheuer. After a very wet and rainy beginning of the season we finally were able to get outside for 1 practice then the games began. The girls made the most of the indoor practices and proved they were ready to play by winning our first game 17-4 over Lansingburgh, the team continued on this pace and wound up posting their undefeated season.

The season was not without some close games, we found ourselves trailing going into the 6th inning vs. Cobelskill but the girl rallied for 5 runs in the 6th and pitcher Morgan Ormerod shut our Cobelskill down in the bottom of the 6th and 7th to preserve the win. Our next close game was vs Ravena when we were tied 7-7 going into the 5th inning but big hits by Brooke Barmen, Haley Ames and Clare Knapp helped us rally to the win.

Our pitching staff was outstanding all season. Piper DeKraai and Alyssa Laurange both pitched well for us but our number 1 pitcher was Morgan Ormerod who posted a 9-0 record with and incredible 119 strikeouts on the season. Morgan also proved to be an outstanding hitter with a very quick and a very smart base runner.

Emma Heartquist was our main catcher this season and did an outstanding job throwing out base runners and managing the game behind the plate. Emma was our number 2 hitter and had a great year at the plate and proved to be one of our best baserunners.

Captain Ayssa Laurange was our number 4 or 5 batter in the lineup and proved to be an excellent power hitter and run producer. Alyssa also had a fantastic defensive season at 1b.

Along with pitching, Piper DeKraai also played 2b and showed steady improvement on the defensive side and she could be counted on to deliver a big hit when we needed it.

Captain Brooke Barmen was our main ss this year. Brooke's fielding was as close to perfect as you can get by making only 1 error all season. Brooke batted 3rd in the lineup this season and had some of the teams most impressive drives over the outfielders heads.

Clare Knapp played the hot corner (3b) for us this year and did not miss a play all season long, every ground ball every fly ball and every ling drive was handled by Clare. Clare's hitting improved all season long and by mid season she was our clean up batter and one of our 2 best power hitters in the lineup.

Haley Ames was our left fielder this season and made some of out most outstanding catches in the outfield. A very smart player who found a way to get herself on base and score runs all season long.

Torre Tamez played the outfield or us along with spending some time at 1b. Torre joined our team a little late during tryouts but her decision to play Modified Softball made every player and coach on this team a very happy. Torre had an excellent defensive season and displayed power at the plate that was extremely impressive.

Captain Bella Scheuer spent some time behind the plate catching this season but her main posistion was center field where she made some really big catches for us. Bella has an outstanding arm and has the ability to throw runners out who dare to try to advance on her. Bella moved around the batting order this season but her quick and powerful bat made her a tremendous threat every time she stepped to the plate.

Sophia Saccento played a couple of games at ss this year but her main position was right field where she was dominate. Her diving catch to end the game vs Cobleskill was out most outstanding defensive play of the season. Sophia was dominate at the plate this season displaying a combination of power and speed you do not see very often. She was our best bunter this season, opponents could not keep her off base and once on base she was sure to steal a base of 2 and find a way to score.

I want to thank these girls for an outstanding season!! I also would like to thank my assistant coach Gosia Geiger for all her help this season and special thanks to a most supportive, helpful and caring group of parents a coach could ever ask for.

-Coach Phil Leader