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Boys' Cross Country Season Wrap Up

Submitted by Coach Devyn Fernandez

We had a great Cross Country season this year. We had two wonderful captains in Habib Affinnih and Calvin Luckfield. They helped inspire our team throughout the year. We made it to 3rd in sectionals which brought us up 6 places from the previous year. The team had each others backs through the whole season and I've never been more proud of the comredery that they displayed.

The roster:

Name, grade

Affinnih, Habib 12
Baker, Ivan 10
Barkley, Andrew 11
Bortugno, Jacob 12
Chandler, Brody 9
Christian, Alex 11
Clarke, Dylan 9
Cohn, Ben 12
Fores, Lucas 11
Garcia, Joshua 9
Garrison, Tyler 11
Gould, Nicholas 9
Krizar, Joshua 9
Halpin, Quinn 10
Luckfield, Calvin 12
Luckfield, Coltin 9
Race, Scott 9
Regan, Alex 10
Tapler, Dantes 9
Vecellio, Michael 10
Warner, Louis 9