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JV Boys Soccer Wrap Up

Submitted by Coach Robert Allard

The 2017-2018 JV Boys soccer season was a successful season for the program. The JV and Varsity united in practice for the first two weeks of the year to help promote unity in coaching, system of play, and to make sure the young men understood we are all in this together.

We starting short handed but many of the players recruited friends to come out and give soccer a try. Serendipity also had a hand in bringing in a player from 8th grade and a 9th grader who happened to show up to watch a girls JV game.

Once play started our team was able to stay with any team we faced. Strong midfield play and excellent defense kept our team close to all opponents. Yet, lack of depth hindered our ability to keep up and the first half of the season saw a number of losses due to our team running out of gas at the end.

The second half of the year saw different results. While we continued to play the same smart game of quick passes and team defense we were able to find what was not coming in the first half, goals. With a couple more subs coming available and every growing conditioning the team we were able to finish strong. The team came together and ended the season winning the last 6 of 7 games. We closed the season winning the Maple Hill Fall Tournament.

Our team was anchored by keeper Connor Dawes. Connor stepped up the second day of practice and volunteered to be the keeper. He learned quick and took training from the varsity keepers. His top highlight was a major save of a penalty kick in the waning seconds of a close game.

Our back line was top notch. Joe Dolan and captain Trevor Cavagnaro, who was defensive player of the Maple Hill Tournament, were the center defenders and worked as an interchangeable pair. Gabe Earl and Austin Zlomek played the outside fullback. Their effort and key plays would help keep us in many games. Logan Daley came on as a late edition to the team but was a key member for the defense.

Our Midfield was full of guys who had heart and believed in the value of working together.
Outside halfbacks Justice Suafoa, Ivan Gomez and Brett Richards provided consistent hardwork, hustle and dedication. Often providing key passes or being in the right place to score important goals. Our one overtime game Justice was position perfectly on a corner to put the ball away and give us the win.

Jack Goldman, Aiden Swere, and Luiz Cruz-Pablo were the heart of our midfield. Jack played a key spot as the defensive midfield the link between our center backs and the offense. He also was able to follow up plays and score off rebounds. Aiden was another captain, he taught less experienced players and helped them grow. He was able to provided our team with consistent quality plays and lead our team with assist. Luiz came to the team after a couple weeks of play but with him came experience, leadership, and was a calming presence on the field. With a team of mostly Freshmen Luiz was able to show them how to approach games, practices, and how to handle pressure situations on the field.

The Strikers were two players of varying styles. Alan Bravo was great off the dribble and powering shots to the net. Chris Bewick found that the head balls and a soft touch was his style. These two battled it out in number of goals scored. Chris found his stride later in the season and provided the boost needed for our late season run.

Off the bench came two players who were learning the game but always willing to give their all. Anthony Ayala and Henry Vega. These two have a bright future with Ichabod Soccer and both showed improvement in skills and knowledge.

Trevor, Aiden, Jack, Alan, and Luiz were moved up for the sectional run each has found time in the quarterfinals and regional finals.

Ichabod Crane JV soccer looks to continue their successful run with many players expected to return and a very successful 8th grade class moving up.

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