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ICHS Hosts Students from Gloversville

(April 24, 2018) After visiting Gloversville High School in December, our high school’s Student Liaison Committee was proud to host students from Gloversville Enlarged School District on April 24. The students and administrators are enjoying the collaboration between the two high schools.

ICHS Students Team Up With Students at Gloversville

(Dec. 5, 2017) On Dec. 1, high school students from the Ichabod Crane Student Liaison Committee traveled to Gloversville High School where they teamed up with the Gloversville Student Liaison Committee.

The students were paired up by grade level to ask questions about each other's school and the Ichabod Crane students shadowed the Gloversville students during the day. Following a tour of the building, students visited classrooms to see what a typical day at Gloversville was like. At the end of the day, the students debriefed with the group and administration during lunch.

Students attending were Emma Brusie and Louis Warner, grade 9, Alex Regan and Madison Graham, grade 10, Bailey Lapo-McDermott and Isabella Sakolish, grade 11, and Jessica Alessi, Habib Affinnih, Larissa Gomez, Erin Pulver, Janella Benn and Emma Zlomek, grade 12.

ICHS Principal Craig Shull and Superintendent Michael Vanyo accompanied students.

ICHS Students visit Gloversville