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ICHS Announces December Rider of the Month Students

(Jan. 30, 2018) Every month, Ichabod Crane High School honors students who demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Faso and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the following as Rider of the Month students for December:


Grace Cammarata
Grace Cammarata

Grace is a conscientious student who is truly a role model in class. Grace achieves high quiz and homework grades, and is always on top of assignments. Her fun-loving nature makes her a pleasure to be around.









TTismark Boham
ismark Boham

Tismark is an excellent student who is punctual and organized. Tismark contributes in a positive way in class, and is helpful to other students.









Gomez-MartinezOmar Gomez-Martinez

Omar is a very hardworking and respectful student. He is a pleasure to have in class. He is a great member of the wrestling team, and is a fine example of an ICC Rider!









Betty RoseBetty Rose

Betty is kind, sweet and unique. She loves learning, and is always willing to lend a hand. She is very comfortable in her skin. Betty always has a smile on her face, and is very aware of other’s feelings.







Joren Marie Cruz

Joren is a very hard worker who is always involved and engaged in the classroom. She seeks to assist her classmates, is always polite, and is an all around great individual.









Jadeyn SchermerhornJadeyn Schermerhorn

Jadeyn is a dedicated student, friend and family member. She consistently puts others above herself and tries very hard to make school and the world a better place. She puts forth a great effort in class and is a friendly face to others. She goes out of her way to make people feel safe, happy and cared for. Jadeyn is a positive role model and a great person.







Courtney GeddesCourtney Geddes

Courtney is a pleasure to have in class. She is a hardworking and talented art student, consistently coming up with unique ideas for projects. Courtney is friendly and helpful to others in class. Her enthusiasm for learning makes her a positive role model for others.








Maria Schermerhorn

Maria is a kind-hearted and friendly student who is always looking for ways to bring kindness, positivity, respect and support to her classmates and our school community. Maria is quiet, but willing to help others in a big way, never looking for recognition. She truly wants the world to be a positive and welcoming place.