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ICHS Seminar Students Engage in Project Linus Community Service Project

(Dec. 7, 2017) Ichabod Crane High School students created 30 blankets through Project Linus, a community service project the freshman and senior seminar classes have teamed up together on for several years. Seminar classes have now created 437 total blankets over the years.

Material for the no-sew blankets was donated by the local Project Linus chapter. Sharon Breisch, blanketeer of Project Linus, has come each year to teach the students the art of making the blankets. She also explains that the project was created by one person and became nationwide, emphasizing the importance each and every student’s participation in the helping other young people through difficult times. Breisch has been with us from the beginning (2010) traveling 45 minutes each day for the 4, 6, or 8 days of the project for eight years.

The blankets are distributed to young people under the age of 18. Blankets go to places such as St. Catherines or LaSalle School for boys, hospitals with terminally ill children, sheriff departments. Project Linus will honor requests from any organization that deals with young people for situations such as siblings with parental lost due to military, homeless, victims of violence, or any type of need or loss.

This year two blankets created by our students have been donated to the High School Nurse’s Office, as seen in photo below of Ms. Warner.

Besides the blankets, short pieces and cuttings had been used to create cat toys and bedding for Animalkind in Hudson, NY and to make scarves donated to Questar students.

Donations throughout the years have been received from the following:

  • Kinderhook Education Foundation Arts & Humanities Fund ($3500) 2 grants
  • Teacher’s Union ($400)
  • Herrington’s Lumber ($100)
  • Kleeber Insurance ($50)
  • Project Linus donated a total of 185 kits

Teaching assistants Penny Barlow, freshman seminar, and Jean Barford, senior seminar, were involved in the project with the students.

Great job to all of our freshman and senior students involved in this project!