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Ichabod Crane Middle School Announces April Rider of the Month Students

(May 3, 2018) Each month, Ichabod Crane Middle School honors students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by middle school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Faso and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the Rider of the Month students for April 2018 and what teachers had to say about them.

Tristan Schmidt

Tristan is such a pleasure and a very kind person. His greetings and friendly spirit can light up anyone's day. He is very active in school clubs, including JR SAVE and Pawsitive Peers, while being a High Honor Roll student! Tristan puts school work first, works hard all of the time, and is helpful to his classmates. Thank you Tristan for putting a positive spin on our class.






Theia Nearywood

Theia has such a creative mind and approaches challenges with a true problem-solver spirit. A sign of a good student, Theia asks clarifying questions which benefits her classmates' learning. She is busy outside of school riding horses, playing lacrosse, and doing gymnastics, but finds time to complete her school work well. Theia has had a successful 6th grade year and we thank her for her generous spirit. Thanks!






Lily Canuteson

We are so proud to announce Lily Canuteson as Rider of the Month. Lily is a very hard-working student. She is always doing her best and with a smile on her face! Lily is very kind to her classmates and goes with the flow! Lily is a very active girl, and is very passionate about her dance classes, but still manages to keep up with her schoolwork. Way to go, Lily. Keep on being amazing!





Jessica Bradway

Jessica Bradway is Rider of the Month because she has demonstrated so much growth this year. Jessica is really coming into her own as a student and classmate. She is going to impress her 7th grade teachers for sure! Jessica is also a talented musician in Band, Chorus, and the 5/6 Pops Band. We are very proud of you, Jessica!







Ethan Phillips

Ethan exemplifies volunteerism. He volunteers in class, contributing to discussions with valuable connections and ideas. Ethan also volunteers in small and large opportunities during the day. He takes these opportunities to accomplish a task that may go without a thank you, simply because he knows it is the right thing to do. Ethan's motivation, gestures of kindness, and service to others should be recognized and celebrated.






Gianna Sandagato

Gianna's kind, helpful, nurturing nature sets makes her a valuable classmate. She quietly takes on leadership roles to assist her peers. At the same time, she strives for excellence in her own work. Gianna graciously takes pride in her successes, and uses them to continue to help others.







Jackson Konkle

The split team is proud to nominate Jackson Konkle for student of the month of April. Jackson has work very hard in his academic classes all year. He maturity has improved throughout the year as well. Jackson has also maintain his work ethic while playing J.V. Basketball and Modified Baseball in the last two athletic seasons. We are pleased that Jackson had make so must progress throughout the year.







Jeanne Blau

Jeanne is extremely hard working. She pushes herself to always do her personal best, and takes every opportunity to do so. Jeanne will take opportunities to help others. She is kind, conscientious, and focused.








Alex Igras

Team 8N is proud to announce that our Rider of the Month is Alex Igras. We are so proud of how much Alex has grown this year. He is extremely motivated and hardworking. Alex's enthusiasm, especiallly in social studies, has made him an asset in his classes. He is polite and respectful to his teachers and is appreciative of help when he asks for it. Alex loves football and wrestling. Alex we are so happy that you are on our team this year! Keep up the good work and congratulations!!





Haley Ames

Team 8N is pleased to announce our Rider of the Month is Haley Ames. Haley walks in every day with a smile and a hello for everyone. She is friendly and can be counted on to make everyone around her feel accepted. This is what makes her so well-liked by her peers. Haley is a hard worker who gets through hard material with perserverance and a positive attitude. She is an athlete, a great friend and sweet person. Haley, we will miss you when you go to the high school next year but we are excited to see what you can accomplish! Congratulations!