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Ichabod Crane Middle School Announces May Rider of the Month Students

(June 14, 2018) Each month, Ichabod Crane Middle School honors students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by middle school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Faso and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the Rider of the Month students for May 2018 and what teachers had to say about them.

Kaylee Miller

Kaylee really rallied this year! She has shown a lot of growth academically and socially as she has moved through 6th grade. Kaylee participates in Pawsitive Peers and stays for Homework Center almost every day. Her participation in Chorus is appreciated by her classmates and her school. Good luck in 7th grade, Kaylee!





Deanna Minshell

Deanna is ALWAYS willing to help and is intrinsically motivated to work hard! School Store could not survive without her help almost every morning. Deanna's study skills have greatly improved this year and she always tries her best. Deanna is a good friend, good student, and participates in Jr. SAVE. Thank you, Deanna, and have a good year in 7th grade.





Ethan Kowalski

We are proud to announce Ethan Kowalski as our Rider of the Month. Ethan has proven himself all year long to be a hard working, conscientious student. Ethan does a quality job on all assignments and projects. He works well with his peers, and contributes well to the class. Ethan is very funny and entertains us with his creative voice techniques. Ethan is well liked and respected by his classmates. Thank you for a great year, Ethan! You will go far!!


Robert Hunter

We are proud to announce Robert Hunter as our Rider of the Month. Robert demonstrates a quiet leadership in the classroom. He is very thoughtful and contributes great ideas to discussions. He is poised and mature, and his classmates look at him for guidance. Everyone enjoys his great sense of humor, too. Robert is a very dependable student and he can always be counted on to be prepared. Robert's poise and determination are great attributes that will take him far!!





Angelina Hempstead

Angelina has greatly improved her work ethic and effort since Q1, proven her ability to independently complete work and maintain a standard for herself, raised her math average from the C range to the B range, uses classroom strategies to assist in her personally idenfitied needs. Angelina has a really positive cheerful personality that is helpful and contagious to be around.






Maggie Grace

Maggie consistently steps up and willingly helps anyone who appears to be struggling in her classes. She is kind, polite, and respectful. She takes charge in a polite and encouraging way in group dynamics. Maggie also works very hard to maintain great academic standing. She is a positive role model for her peers by being attentive, helpful, and hardworking.





Emma Heartquist

The split team is proud to nominate Emma Heartquist for Rider of the Month of May. Emma is an extremely hard worker. She is always determined to do her best no matter what challenge is placed in front of her. She is very well liked by her classmates and teachers because of her character and respect for everyone she encounters. Besides being a straight A student, Emma excels as an athlete as well. Emma was on the varsity field hockey team in the Fall, the modified basketball team in the winter and just finished her modified softball undeafeated season as a team captain. Emma has a very bright future and we can't wait to see her shine in the high school and beyond.



D’Artagnan Tapler

D’Artagnan Tapler is the Split Team’s 7th grade Rider of the Month. D’Artagnan has been strong and steady this whole year. He is honest, always willing to work with his peers, and never judges others. D’Artagnan thinks outside of the box, which makes him very creative in his work and responses. His teachers appreciate his sense of humor and positive attitude that he brings to his classes everyday. He has been an asset to the team this whole year!



Aidan Cairns

Team 8N is pleased to announce that our Rider of the Month is Aidan Cairns. We have been so lucky to have Aidan on our team for the past two years. Aidan's enthusiasm and positive attitude is contageous. He is polite, works well with anyone and can be counted on to help anyone who needs a hand. Aidan is a diligent worker who strives for excellence in all of his subjects. Creative, fun and always happy, Aidan has the potential to be anything he desires! Good luck next year and congratulations!!!




Piper DeKraai

Team 8N is proud to announce our Rider of the Month is Piper DeKraai. Piper is an excellent student in every way. She strives for excellence on every assignment no matter how big or small. Piper is devoted to her schooling and to learning, which will take her far in the years to come. Most importantly, Piper is a wonderful friend and classmate. Piper can work with anyone and is willing to help if needed. She is kind, polite and compassionate. Piper, thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our team! Good luck next year!