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Middle School Gets a New Sign


Student Council President Samara Regan

(May 16, 2018) A new sign, donated by MS Student Council, was installed at the middle school. It had been in the works for several years.

The “Sign Committee,” made up of several Studeint Council members and Advisor Gail Colton, met over the winter to research replacing the previous aging sign and students participated in a presentation with Laura Regan, Michell Signs. After discussing different options, getting quotes, and deciding on the design, they were given the go ahead to proceed. The vote was unanimous amongst the Homeroom Representatives and the sign was ordered. The bushes next to the sign were recently removed and the old sign taken down in anticipation of the new sign being scheduled for delivery and installation. With the sign now in place,
MS Student Council is looking forward to continued collaboration with Mr. Marotta to determine what will be planted near the sign.

Thank you to Michell Signs, Steve Marotta, the IC Maintenance Department, MS Administration and the MS Student Council for making it happen!