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Substance Abuse Awareness Posters of Two ICHS to be Displayed on Billboard

(April 19, 2018) The high school's Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) recently held a Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest for the high school. The winner would receive a $50 gift card as well have their poster displayed on a local billboard. Second place would receive a $25 gift card. Faculty and staff voted and the top two posters were liked equally.

"We felt they were both delivered a strong message in different ways," said SADD Advisor Maureen Sgambelluri. "They both deserved to be out in the community. We were able to make arrangements to award both posters first place."

The first winner is 11th grader Erika Neale. Her poster will be displayed for the Month of May. The other winner is 12th grader Karina Kolb-Speer. Her poster will be displayed for the month of June.

Both posters will have their turn being displayed on the billboard located on Route 9H and Keegan Road (near Columbia Diner).

Congratulations to Erika and Karina!

Erika Neale
Karina Kolb-Speer

Erika Neale, Karina Kolb-Speer