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Board of Education Approves Single Bus Run Proposal

(April 11, 2018) At its meeting on April 10, the Ichabod Crane CSD Board of Education unanimously approved a single bus run schedule for the District beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

Ichabod Crane CSD Holds Community Forum on Single Bus Run Proposal

(March 29, 2018) The Ichabod Crane CSD held a community forum on Tuesday, March 27 to discuss plans for implementing a single bus run system beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. The plan will be presented to the Board of Education for approval at its meeting on April 10 at 7 p.m. in the Ichabod Crane High School library.

Superintendent Michael Vanyo, Business Manager Michael Brennan, Principal of APPR, Professional Development, Curriculum & Instruction Suzanne Guntlow, Transportation Supervisor Dan Doyle and Facilities & Operations Director Steven Marotta were on hand to provide information on all areas impacted by a change in operations to a single bus run, including academic and financial benefits and logistics.

Currently, the district operates two bus runs, one for the primary school and one for the elementary/middle and high school. Under the proposal, the three school buildings would be on the same bus schedule.

“The concept of a single bus run has been explored in past years and we felt it was the right time to take another close look,” Guntlow said. “Not only would a single bus run enable the District to maintain staff and programs at current levels during a more difficult budget development process, but there are also many academic, safety and environmental benefits.”

Academic Benefits

Academic benefits include:

  • K-12 Staffing on same schedule for conferences and meetings. This would allow more collaboration between buildings and district-wide departments supporting K-12 initiatives.
  • Beginning/ending times for professional development days would be consistent across all buildings with a single bus run making joint workshops/presentations feasible.
  • Shared staff between buildings would be more efficient and effective with the same start/end time to the school day.
  • Students traveling between buildings is more feasible for enrichment opportunities.

Financial Benefits

  • The District could save between $215,000 and $245,000 a year through fuel, maintenance and payroll savings.
  • Savings could be used to preserve staffing and programs.

Additional Benefits

  • Research supports that having all of their children on the same schedule for grades K-12 is more efficient for parents and families.
  • The single bus run will allow our students to be safer in case of an emergency evacuation or early dismissal due to inclement weather. Currently from start to finish dismissal is a three-hour process. With the single bus run, it is reduced to under two hours.
  • The District can expand the number of late buses available without adding cost.
  • Job Share Opportunities: A single bus run system will allow the District to more efficiently share faculty and staff. There is the potential to have drivers who are interested in work between shifts to assist with lunch period duties or after their afternoon shift to work with the night staff to assist in nightly cleaning. The District could develop a more consistent and thorough sanitizing program.
  • Our school buses will travel a minimum of 110,000 less miles per school year and reduce the time spent on the road by approximately 3600 hours a year.
  • CO2 emissions will be reduced by over 300,00 pounds annually.


  • The consolidation of bus runs will allow many Elementary, Middle and Primary students to be on the bus for less time than they currently are now.
  • If the District redesigns the campus road system as part of an upcoming Capital Project, there will be further reductions in total student time on the bus.
  • Students will continue to be assigned seats. The District is looking at having student liaisons.
  • Departments are working together to determine the most efficient and safest means possible for drop off and pick up of students at each building, including signage, reconfigured traffic patterns and adequate sidewalks.
  • Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Departure Times for Buses
    High School 7:30 am - 2:21 pm
    Elementary/Middle School 7:37 am - 2:29 pm
    Primary School 7:50 am - 2:45 pm

A Frequently Asked Questions document has been developed to provide greater details of a single bus run. See FAQ below.

District to Host March 27 Community Forum on Single Bus Run Proposal

(March 16, 2017) The Ichabod Crane CSD will discuss the academic and financial benefits of implementing a single bus run system next school year at a community forum at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27 in the high school auditorium. We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document to provide an overview and insight into what the proposal entails.

Download the FAQ