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8th Graders Learn About Careers From Professionals in the Field

(Dec. 5, 2017_ Eighth grade students learned about a variety of careers over the course of two days during Career Days, an annual event coordinated by FACS teacher Maureen Kuhn.

Presenting at this year's Career Days were:

Frank Wood, Ichabod alumni spoke about how he started his career as an electrical engineer working in a nuclear power plant as a project manager, then later moved to GE Crisis Management to solve problems
for people around the world.

Dr. Gary Wall, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey presents to students during Career Days at the middle school.

Dr. Wall discussed the impact of flooding on infrastructure, contamination in waterways and how hydrologists collect data, interpret it and communicate it to the public. He explained the skills necessary to do the job, including writing, math and communication. He said he loves his job as a public servant and finds it very rewarding.

Michael Regan, a sargeant with the New York State Police, spoke to the students about what he does as a NYS Police officer and what training he needed to enter this field. He showed videos and pictures of the tasks he does on a daily basis to keep everyone safe.

Billy Greer, Five Guys Regional Manager, spoke about what a regional manager does, and what training programs are available at Five Guys, starting from entry level to managerial positions.

Linda McEwan, RN spoke about different career paths in Nursing and students learned about basic nursing tools.

James White, systems editor, for the Times Union spoke about how technology has drastically changed journalism. The focus is more on digital content to be able to share developing news immediately

Data Analyst for Homeland Security, Tom Eldering spoke about how he coordinates the flow of information to keep people safe across the country. He started at Ichabod and now analyzes global data keeps our country safe.

Ichabod Crane Business Manager Michael Brennan discusses what his job entails as the district’s business manager, his education and job experiences during Career Days at the middle school. Mr. Brennan also discussed using organizational skills to help alleviate stress associated with meeting deadlines.

Rebecca Prendergast of the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation talks with students about her career as an environmental engineer during the 8th grade Career Days. She says she loves being able to help people and the environment.

Sheriff David Bartlett and Deputy Travis VanAlstyne talk to students about law enforcement. Their presentation included a drug dog demonstration.

Thank you to all for taking time of their busy schedules to present to our students!