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Ichabod Crane Middle School Announces October Rider of the Month Students

(November 26, 2018) Each month, Ichabod Crane Middle School honors students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by middle school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, and in the community.

Students receive a certificate, a letter from Congressman Faso and an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.

We are pleased to announce the Rider of the Month students for October 2018 below:


Kathryn Flint

Kathryn is a kind and helpful student. She is always willing to help her fellow students when needed. Kathryn will quietly help a classmate with a task, put things away or solve a problem. Kathryn goes above and beyond to help. She does so with a kind and quiet manner. We are proud to have Kathryn as our Rider of the Month.



Jaelyn Ayala

Jaelyn is a kind, helpful and hard-working student. She is always willing to help out her classmates when they are in need. She often cleans the room and stacks stools without being asked. Not only does Jaelyn have a big heart, she is always putting forth her best when completing her school work. Jaylen is a great role model for her peers. Keep up the great work!!



Henry Loyola

Henry is an absolute delight to have in the classroom. He is an active and enthusiastic participant in all activities and group discussions. He is willing to use his bilingual skills to help translate whenever the need arises. He enjoys being able to assist his classmates and the adults in the room. He frequently helps to remind his classmates to settle in and quiet down during transition times. He is a hard worker and welcomes feedback and constructive criticism. He has shown tremendous growth as he made the transition from being a 4th grader to being a 5th grader. For all of these reasons, I am very happy to honor Henry as a Rider of the Month. Keep up the great work!

Nya Felder

Nya is a new student to Ichabod Crane. Quickly adjusting to a new school, Nya has become a positive, enthusiastic member of our class. She is hard-working, always striving to do her best. Nya reaches out to both adults and classmates, never hesitating to lend a helping hand. Her artistic ability has impressed many classmates, who frequently ask her to make a drawing for them. Nya has also become involved in fifth grade activities, including chorus and band. We are pleased to honor Nya as the Rider of the Month.


Rose Holliday

What a pleasure to have Rose as a student on our team! She is a very conscientious student and has a real full plate with Band and Chorus, too! Rose is an excellent role model for her classmates and is a good friend. Thanks, Rose, for making our school year better.



Isabella Scott

Isabella is a perfect example of an ICC Rider. Isabella is extremely hard working. She goes above and beyond to achieve her personal best. She goes even further to be able to help others. Her support is always offered kindly to her peers, and teachers. She is a wonderful leader by the strong example that she sets.


David Oldrich

David exemplifies a Rider because he goes above and beyond for all tasks, great and small! He consistently puts forth 110% effort! He does everything that is asked of him. David works well with others, and offers encouraging support. He is positive and very hard working. We are happy to have this role model on Team 7!




Gustavo Ramos

We are pleased to announce that Gustavo Ramos was selected as the 7/8 Split team's 7th Grade Rider of the Month for October. Gustavo has been continuously improving his effort since the beginning of the year in all of his academic classes. He has shown an excellent work ethic in class and at home. He often attends working lunch on his own accord in order to keep up with his work. Gustavo was also able to keep up with his school work while being the starting goalie on the Boys Modified Soccer Team. He was an extremely reliable and valuable teammate and player.


Michael O’Brien

Michael O'Brien - Michael is a self-motivated student. He is conscientious and hard-working. He pays attention to detail in his work and regularly volunteers to assist in class activities. Michael consistently does all he is asked to do. He is a risk taker in class and willingly contributes to class discussions. Michael will ask for help when he needs it and will help others when he can. We congratulate Michael as our Rider of the Month.



Nazar Yevko

Team 8 is pleased to announce that our Rider of the Month is Nazar Yevko. Nazar is an asset in all of his classes. He is eager to participate, willing to take chances and always does good work. Nazar is respectful, friendly and willing to help his teachers and classmates. His teachers enjoy his mellow, mature attitude and feel lucky to have him in their classes. Congratulations Nazar!




Zach Igras

Team 8 is proud to announce that our Rider of the Month is Zach Igras. Zach's teachers appreciate his good heart and ready smile. Zach is a student who is determined to do well. He is patient and understands that hard work will help him succeed. Zach is respectful and appreciative to his teachers. And we appreciate him as well! We know that Zach's good attitude and resilience will take him far in life. Congratulations Zach!



Tyler Secor

A few weeks into the school year many of our younger students were still adjusting to the single-tiered bus procedure. Tyler Secor approached the driver of his bus to volunteer his assistance to help a Primary School student who was having some trouble adjusting to riding on the school bus. Tyler has displayed great compassion, patience and maturity through his continued effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride to school.