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Board of Education Policies

What is a policy?
A policy is a statement that establishes standards and/or objectives to be attained by the district.

What is the function of school board policies?
Policies are the means by which a school board leads and governs its school district. Policies form the bylaws and rules for the governance of the district and serve as the standards to which the board, administration and students are held accountable.

(from New York State School Boards Association)

How are Board policies determined?

The Board of Education Policy Committee meets regularly along with the Superintendent to review the policies and make recommendations to the full Board for consideration.

For information regarding policy development, please refer to:
Policy #2410 - Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policies
Policy #2460 - Policy Review and Evaluation.

For a complete list of Board of Education Policies, click here

For additional information regarding Board policies, contact the Board of Education Clerk at 758-7575, Ext. 3001.