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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


Due to limited space, together with the fact that classes move through this area, we ask that all parents respect the procedures we have in place so that we may maintain a safe environment. While waiting for your child please stay within the roped off area and exit the building in a timely manner to limit confusion.

  • Academic instruction ends at 3:00 p.m. Any child being picked up prior to this time will be missing important instruction. Student pick-ups during the school day are still available, at all times of the day. We ask that you limit such pick-ups to necessary reasons insofar as possible, such as doctor’s appointments. The loss of instructional minutes at the start or end of the day can have a significant impact on student’s academic progress over time.

  • Please send in a note if you are planning on picking up your child. If we are unaware that you are picking up, he or she will be sent home on the bus. Parent pick-up notes should include: Child’s first & last name, teacher name, who will be picking up the child along with the date & time.

  • You have two options for picking up your child:

    Pick-up before buses depart will be from 3:00 to 3:10 pm. If you need to pick up your child before buses depart, we ask that you are here to do so between 3 and 3:10 pm. Classroom instruction will not end until 3 pm and as such we will not call students until after this time. All students will be dismissed to their buses promptly at 3:10. Parents who have not signed out their child by 3:10 will be asked to wait until after all buses have departed.

    Pick-up after the buses have departed will be at approximately 3:20. We ask that for parents that are picking up after 3:10 to please remain in your cars until the buses have departed. For your safety, do not walk through the parked or departing buses. Please use the designated cross walk area.

  • Parents may designate up to two “permanent” AM pick-up & PM drop-off locations. Daily bus passes (except for emergencies approved by Principal) are not permmitted . Please complete the attached Drop-off & Pick-up Form and return it to the Primary School as soon as possible if your child will be getting on or off the bus in a location other than your home address.