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Art Program

The students in the Primary School have Art class for forty minutes once per week in their regular classroom. In that short amount of time students learn about the basic elements and principles of art, explore a variety of art materials and art making techniques, and begin to understand the historical and cultural significance of art. The main emphasis in art class is not only in making art, but in having students think like artists. The artistic process requires problem solving skills, creativity, and developing and modifying one’s own original ideas. The following skills and concepts are introduced at each grade level:

  • Discover different art media- crayon, pencil, paint, clay, and paper.
  • Practice basic skills such as making marks, cutting, and pasting.
  • Learn about the visual elements of line, shape, and color.
  • Learn color names and color mixing techniques- primary and secondary.
  • Look at artwork and express how images convey ideas. 
  • Make artwork based on personal experiences and imagination. 

First Grade:

  • Use media for drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture.
  • Look at artworks created with different media and techniques (Eric Carle, Albrecht Durer, Piet Mondrian).
  • Visual elements of line, shape, and texture.
  • Identify and describe the warm, cool, and neutral color families.
  • Develop ideas and themes in artwork (Nature, Seasons, Change, Animals) and how artists see the world differently.
  • Explore art from different time periods and places around the world. 

Second Grade: 

  • Explore new media- printmaking, 3D paper sculpture. 
  • Visual elements of line, shape, texture, form and space.
  • Create artworks using a variety of subject matter and themes, including still life and landscapes. 
  • View varied styles and types of art with greater emphasis on the cultural origin, function and style.
  • Compare/contrast the styles of different artists to discover that each artist has their own interpretation. 
  • Explain their own choices and reasons for making art and compare with the choices of others.

Third Grade: 

  • Develop skills in drawing from observation. 
  • Create artwork using a variety of subject matter, symbols and themes. 
  • Demonstrate flexibility and problem-solving skills in two-and three-dimensional artwork. 
  • Design principles: Repetition, Unity, Variety, Movement.
  • Use the elements and principles of design to communicate ideas. 

Contact Information

Elizabeth Addison, K-3 Art Teacher

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