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We invite you to visit this Web site to locate old friends, cherish memories, keep informed of current happenings, plan a reunion, or just show your "Rider Pride."

Send us information on upcoming reunions and we'll post them on the ICC Site.

Career Development at the Middle School



March is "Expanding Girls' Horizons in Science and Engineering Month." Mrs. Kuhn is looking for presenters to come to her FACS classes to talk about their careers. This is will be scheduled based on presenters' availability. If you are interested in more information, please contact Maureen Kuhn via email at:

Eighth Grade Career Day

Presenters for Career Day are always welcome. Please contact Mrs. Kuhn via email at or call the Middle School at 758-7575.

Please consider volunteering to speak to a class of eighth grade students about your career.

Latest Reunion Events

Send your info on Upcoming Reunions!

Class of 1967

The ICC Class of 1967 will be having a PICNIC from 3-7 PM on Saturday, Aug.11, 2018 at the Town Park off of State Farm Road in Valatie.

Everyone attending is asked to bring a dish to share, chairs and NON alcoholic drinks for themselves.

Please RSVP by Aug. 1, 2018 to:

Gretchen Dawes 518 758-1566 or

Jeanne Hinkle 518 758-6233

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Hail Alma Mater dear, fellowship’s ever near. Friendships created here bide through the years; Praises to thee we sing, honor to thee we bring. Hail Alma Mater dear, Ichabod Crane.

Guide us in truth and light, till all our work be right. Loyalty serve thy name, Ichabod Crane. When we do part from thee, still we will be loyal be. Hail Alma Mater dear, hail to thy name.