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PRevious Capital Projects

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT BOND - Voter Approved May, 2014

Construction of Secure Entrances & Primary School Addition to Begin This Summer

(as printed in the March 2016 newsletter)

Phase II construction of the $2,385,000 Capital Project residents approved in May 2014 will begin
at the end of the school year. The project scope includes improving security at the entrances
of the Primary and Elementary/Middle Schools by constructing secure vestibules complete with
card swipes. The project also includes a four-classroom addition at the Primary School.
Work for Phase II went out to bid in January and came back within budget. The Board of Education
approved the contracts in February. It is anticipated this will give contractors additional time to
prepare necessary documents, order materials and coordinate planned construction activities
well in advance of the start of construction at the end of June.

“The opportunity for advanced planning should help the construction process move along
smoothly and efficiently,” said Superintendent George Zini. “We are pleased to be able to complete
the security improvements in our schools and add the needed educational space for our Primary
School students.”

The secure vestibules are expected to be complete for the start of the upcoming school year, while
the addition at the Primary School is expected to be occupied for instructional use in January 2017.

Capital Project Update

(as printed in the October 2015 newsletter)

Drivers traveling on Route 9 most likely have noticed the new electronic sign in front of Ichabod Crane High School.

This summer, the District sign was installed and the high school entrance received additional door locks complete with card swipes as Phase I of the $2,385,000 capital project residents approved in May 2014.
The capital project focuses on district-wide security improvements and additional space at the Ichabod Crane
Primary School to alleviate overcrowding issues and improve delivery of programs and services. Based on the recommendation of the District’s architectural firm, the capital project was broken into two phases. Phase II of the project calls for the construction of four classrooms at the Primary School and secure vestibule entrances complete with card swipes at the Primary School and Elementary/Middle School.

While both phases were submitted to the New York State Education Department (SED) in October 2014, SED was backlogged on engineering reviews so final approval for Phase II didn’t come in until this past July. Project work for Phase II is expected to go out to bid in December with construction beginning as soon as the school year ends in June 2016. The secured vestibules are expected to be completed and ready for the start of the 2016-2017 school year, while the four classroom addition at the Primary School is expected to be occupied for instructional use in January 2017.

“After some delay in getting our plans approved by SED, we are pleased to be able to move forward with security improvements and the addition at the Primary School that will provide the needed educational space to support all of our K-3 programs,” said Superintendent George Zini.

He added, “The electronic sign is a great addition to our schools and will provide another avenue to communicate school activities, events and news with the public.”

Residents Approve Budget & Capital Project

(May 20, 2014) Ichabod Central School District residents have approved a $35,782,506 budget for the 2014-15 school year by a vote of 762 (yes) to 354 (no). This budget represents a 2.49 percent increase in spending over the current year’s budget and will result in an estimated 2.0 percent tax rate increase for residents.
Voters also approved:

  • $372,500 bus proposition to purchase five new buses by a vote of 739 (yes) to 375 (no)
  • $2,385,000 capital project by a vote of 726 (yes) to 372 (no)
  • Student member on the Board of Education
  • Registration of voters from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on school days at the Office of the District Clerk in the Central Office of the School District

Residents also elected three members to the Board of Education--Susan Ramos (728 votes), Cheryl Trefzger (609 votes) and John Chandler (759 votes).

Thank you to all who came out to vote!

Residents to Vote on Capital Project May 20, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Ichabod Crane High School

ON MAY 20, 2014 residents will vote on a separate proposition, a Capital Project, that focuses on security improvements at all district facilities and improvements to the Ichabod Crane Primary School to alleviate overcrowding issues and improve delivery of programs and services. The $2,385,000 proposed project would have a zero impact on the tax levy, therefore there would be no additional cost to taxpayers.

The Primary School component of the Capital Project was developed to address space issues at the Primary School as a result of the District closing two elementary schools in June 2011. Martin Van Buren (Village of
Kinderhook) and Martin H. Glynn (Valatie) were closed due to declining enrollment and as cost saving measures in the midst of significant decreases in State Aid. The third grade classes were added to the Primary School and the fourth and fifth grades were added to the Middle School. While both buildings were mostly able to absorb the consolidations, there have been some space issues, specifically in the areas of art, music, and special services. The District was able to address the space concerns at the Middle School by relocating
Central Office to the High School last summer. This provided the Middle School with four additional classrooms. Likewise, the proposed Capital Project would resolve the space issues at the Primary School.

Total Project Cost . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,385,000
Eligible for Building Aid . . . . . . . . . . .. 73.5%
Fund Balance Reserve
Applied to the Debt . . . . . . . . . . . $900,000
Bond Issuance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,485,000
Local Share (Additional Tax Levy) . . . . . . 0%


Construction of Four Classrooms at the Primary School — $1,819,200


  • „Music program
  • „Art program
  • „Special Education K-3
  • Intervention Services for English
  • Language Learners
  • Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy
  • „Academic Intervention Services

District-Wide Security Improvements & District Electronic Sign — $565,800

  • Secure vestibule entrance at both the Primary and Elementary/Middle Schools
  • Upgrade door security at the High School
  • Card swipe entrances at the High
  • School, Elementary/Middle and Primary Schools
  • Electronic digital sign in front of the High School


  • Referendum: May 2014
  • Design: June 2014 – November 2014
  • State Education Department Review: December 2014 — May 2015
  • Bidding/Award: June 2015
  • Construction: July 2015 — December 2015
  • Primary School Addition Occupancy: January 2016


Q. What if the Capital Project is defeated?
A. If the proposed Capital Project is defeated, classroom space at the Primary School and building security will still be an issue and need to the addressed. The $900,000 in fund balance money designated for this project would be used to at least partially address these concerns, but additional space and security issues will require the allocation of funds from future budgets. If these issues are addressed as projects in future school budgets, they will not be eligible for building aid as they are now in the Capital Project proposition.

Q. How does the Capital Project proposition affect the school budget for 2014-15?
A. Simply put, it doesn’t. If the proposition is passed, the work will be done and it will have no impact on the school budget.

Q. If the district uses $900,000 of the district’s fund balance to help pay for the Capital Project, what will be left in the district’s fund balance?
A. After allocating approximately $900,000 of unassigned fund balance to the Capital Project, Ichabod Crane’s fund balance, or “rainy day” fund as it is sometimes called, will be at four (4) percent of the district’s total budget. Under New York state law, the maximum fund balance school districts can carry is four (4) percent of their total budget.

Q. Where will the four Primary School classrooms be added?
A. The four classrooms will be added to the end of the 2nd/3rd grade wing of the building.

Q. What security features are included in the project?
A. The project calls for the construction of secure vestibule entrances at the Primary School and Middle School and upgraded security doors at the High School. Also, each of the three buildings will be
upgraded with swipe card access.

Q. Why do we have to vote on the Capital Project if it will not impact the tax levy?
A. The District is required by law to have voter approval for any construction project that requires the borrowing of funds.

Ichabod Crane Board Approves Capital Project to Go Before Voters May 20

(Feb. 28, 2014) The Ichabod Crane Board of Education unanimously approved a $2,385,000 capital project proposition at a special meeting on Feb. 25. The proposition will be presented to the school district community for a vote on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 in conjunction with the annual school budget vote. The project would use state building aid, fund balance and bonding to complete the project at no cost to taxpayers.

If approved by voters, four classrooms would be added to the Ichabod Crane Primary School, security updates installed in all district buildings and an electronic sign at the high school.

With a state aid reimbursement of 73.5 percent for construction costs and utilizing $900,000 of the district’s fund balance, the district would bond the remaining $1.48 million.

The shortened version of the legal notice for the capital project that will appear on the voter ballot strips is reproduced as follows:


Shall the Board of Education be authorized to: (1) construct additions to and reconstruct various School District buildings, including site work, acquire original furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus required for the purpose for which such buildings are to be used and pay incidental costs related thereto at a maximum cost of $2,385,000; (2) expend $900,000 of fund balance to pay a portion of the costs of such project; (3) levy the necessary tax therefore, to be levied and collected in annual installments in such years and in such amounts as may be determined by the Board of Education taking into account state aid and the amount expended from fund balance; and (4) in anticipation of the collection of such tax, issue bonds and notes of the School District at one time or from time to time in the principal amount not to exceed $1,485,000, and the levy of a tax to pay the interest on said obligations when due?

Read the article in The Columbia Paper, March 1, 2014 here.

Board to Vote on Proposed Capital Project

(Feb. 21, 2014) At its Feb. 25 meeting, the Ichabod Crane Board of Education will vote on whether to include a capital project referendum on the May 20th ballot. The $2.3 million project would add four classrooms to the Primary School, security updates to all three buildings and an electronic sign for the high school. The project would not have an additional tax impact on district residents. The district's architect and finance representatives presented the scope of the proposed project to the Board of Education at its Feb. 4 meeting.

View the presentation

Read the article in the The Columbia Paper, February 10, 2014, here.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT BOND - Voter Approved December 2012


Photo Gallery - capturing the renovation process

District Holds Open House for Renovated High School Gymnasium and Library, Nov. 25, 2014
View the Open House photo album on Facebook here. You do not need to have a Facebook account.

Ichabod Crane celebrates renovations to gym & library with open house, Register Star, Nov. 30, 2014

Open House photo gallery on Facebook

Community Invited to Open House for Renovated High School Gymnasium & Library Nov. 24, Nov. 7, 2014

Capital Project Update: $7 Million Project Draws Near Completion, published in October 2014 newsletter

Summer Busy With Capital Project Work, Aug. 8, 2014

ICC Board Gets Tour of School Construction, Register Star, Columbia-Greene Media, July 27, 2014

ICC bids promise savings on upgrade work, published by The Columbia Paper, August 4, 2013

Ichabod Crane board awards bids for construction, published by the Register Star, July 31, 2013

Pre-Construction Notification

(July 11, 2013) The Ichabod Crane Central School District anticipates construction on the Capital Project that was voter approved in Dec. 2012 to start on or about August 1. View the Pre-Construction Notification.

Residents Approve the Capital Improvement Bond

(Dec. 13, 2012) On December 12 by a vote of 499 yes to 147 no, residents approved the District's plans for building improvements and technological upgrades throughout the Ichabod Crane campus. The $7 million project will have no tax impact on residents.

One of the District’s goals for 2012-2013 was to address critical needs identified in the Building Condition Survey completed in the summer of 2012 and present a bond referendum to the community to support a capital improvement project.

The most recent capital project bond referendum was approved by voters in 2008.  Since then, needed projects were put on hold while a merger study with Schodack Central Schools was conducted in the 2011-2012 school year.  The Board found the merger not to be feasible for the District, and shifted its focus to needed infrastructure and technology improvements to the Route 9 campus.

The primary focus of the project is to address the health and safety of students and staff and provide necessary maintenance upgrades and repairs.

 The District also stressed the importance of an educational investment in technology to make ICC competitive with other schools and prepare students for future employment.

To view the informational newsletter sent to all District residents, click here...

Among the items to be addressed in the scope of the project include:

High School

  • Restructure areas in the cafeteria and drinking fountains to become compliant with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) requirements
  • Plumbing retrofits; electrical and HVAC upgrades; replace fire alarm system with battery back-up
  • Installation of occupancy sensors
  • Replace asphalt in parking lots and driveways
  • Replace lockers; fixtures in some of the classrooms
  • Renovations to the gymnasium, library, auditorium; athletic fields
  • Replace sections of roof
  • Resurface track
  • Repair and repoint exterior brick walls

Middle/Elementary School

  • Install drinking fountains to become compliant with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) requirements
  • Replace windows
  • Replace lighting, upgrade electrical systems, replace fixtures in needed areas of the building
  • Replace/renovate damaged flooring
  • Replace lockers in middle school corridors
  • Replace public address system and master clock system
  • Installation of occupancy sensors

Primary School

  • Provide lift to stage to become compliant with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) requirements
  • Repoint exterior brick walls; repair concrete foundation corners
  • Replace interior door glass
  • Install ADA compliant route to playground

Transportation Department

  • Upgrade eyewash station and drinking fountains to become compliant with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) requirements
  • Replace deteriorated transportation parking lot

Maintenance Department

  • Upgrade eyewash station and drinking fountains to become compliant with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) requirements
  • Install new fuel tank and fire suppression system
  • Repair asphalt parking lot and concrete pad
  • Replace gutters

District-wide Technology

  • Wireless coverage in anticipation of state-mandated online testing
  • Smartboards and LCD projectors in each classroom to address academic instruction
  • Upgrade of core server units to increase capacity
  • Laptops on carts for student use
  • Upgrades/replacements infrastructure
  • PCs and Apple computers in labs

For additional information on the project, contact the Superintendent's office at 758-7575.

View the Capital Project Newsletter, Nov. 2012