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This page features student artwork K-12 from the 2015-16 school year.

The following images are of artwork on display at the Hudson Opera House until Jan. 10, 2016.


Abigail Grace Alexis Graham

Abigail Grace, Grade 6, and Alexis Graham and Cassidy Smith, Grade 11


Ava Scali Daisy Morales

Ava Scali, Grade 2 and Daisy Morales, Grade 3

Ella Herwick-Poutre Ellie Plourde

Ella Herwick-Poutre, Grade 1 and Ellie Plourde, Grade 10

Emanuelle Schnyder Emma Stigi

Emanuelle Schnyder, Grade 5 and Emma Stigi, Grade 7

Ethan Phillips Evan McComb

Ethan Phillips, Grade 5 and Ewan McComb, Grade 4

Greg Moon Isabelle Tennier

Greg Moon, Grade 6 and Isabelle Tennier, Grade 11

Jennifer Langley Jordan Steele

Jennifer Langley, Grade 10 and Jordan Steele, Grade 11

Joseph Dolan Lauren Stigi

Joseph Dolan, Grade 7 and Lauren Stigi, Grade 3

Madison Bishop

Madison Bishop, Grade 5 and Payton Minbiole, Grade 4

Sierra Garrison, Grade 7

Sierra Garrison, Grade 7