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Medication Administration (as mandated by New York State Education Law):

  • Written order is required from a licensed health care provider for all prescription and over the counter non-prescription medications regardless of route of administration. (Prescription label is not sufficient)
  • Written permission from the parent/guardian authorizing the RN to follow the physician order.
  • Medication must be delivered directly to the school by the parent/guardian or other responsible adult with parent/guardian permission.

Physical/Dental Examinations
New York State Education Law requires students to have a physical examination upon entry to a new school and grades: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1,3,5,7,9, and 11. Education law now requires school officials to request a dental certificate along with required grade level physicals. Our school nurses will notify parents of these grade level requirements in writing along with the appropriate forms and instructions.

Members of the school medical board will conduct pre-scheduled school-based exams throughout the school year. Students without medical coverage for physical exams may qualify for a school- based physical exam.

Upon request, the school nurse will provide information regarding dental services in the area.

Physical Health Appraisal Form

Dental Health Certificate Form

Health History Form - Required for athletic participation

Interscholastic Sports
The 2018-2019 sports season includes interscholastic sports and marching band. Annual physicals are required by law to participate in these activities and remain valid for 12 consecutive months. The school nurse will contact interested students prior to each sport season regarding qualification requirements. The nurse may not qualify the athlete to return to sports after an accident/injury. This written release must originate with your health care provider.

Immunization requirements-Section 2164 NYS Public Health Law

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Emergency Cards
Please keep us posted with any changes in your contact address and phone numbers. The information requested on the emergency cards is used to maintain an accurate database in the event we need to contact a parent/guardian for unplanned illness and/ or accident during school hours. We also use this database in the case of a general community/ school emergency to contact all parents/guardians with important information from the district superintendant.

Possible exclusion from school:

  • Temperature 100 degrees or above
  • Suspected head lice (Pediculosis)
  • Scabies or unidentifiable skin rash
  • Suspected conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Suspected impetigo (infected sore)
  • Vomiting and /or diarrhea

Children with the above situations will not be sent home on the bus. Please have a plan for transportation home.

Please contact the Health Service Provider in your child's building for additional information.